For many people, UK schools provide the best school education in the world. Research has shown that UK top independent schools are leading the world in education. In the UK, there are around 800 private schools, including over 500 boarding schools. Most of them are steeped in history, with deep-rooted traditions and culture.

An increasing number of overseas families are sending their children to UK independent schools. Students taught here develop in an all-rounded way including: academic knowledge, extracurricular talents, sports, artistic talents, and international social etiquette. Their international learning experience and rich social experience will ensure their success beyond school.

Types of independent school

Boarding School

Boarding schools are the popular choice for pupils whose parents are not living in the UK. Many UK parents also send their children to boarding schools for better teaching and learning quality. Most boarding schools offer full boarding and weekly boarding options.

Day Schools

Day schools are the popular choice for pupils whose family or guardian lives in the UK. These students have a wider range of school choices, which can also include boarding.

Origin 9

The Origin Nine are the most famous UK public schools. Many students from here enter Oxbridge every year. Their bravery, discipline and sense of responsibility speak for the true spirit of elite education.

Why study in UK

  • High Oxbridge acceptance rate: 7% of UK students go to private schools, who take up 50% of Oxbridge places.
  • All-round education with long history and elite spirit: for 100s of years, independent schools have educated many of the royal family and other social elites.
  • Strong alumni networks: as well as excellent teaching resources and teaching quality, independent schools provide powerful alumni networks with elites all over the world.

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  • Needs and wishes of students are always the put first

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